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Online degree student testimonials

These are true testimonials from real online degree students. We have chosen them from various acknowledged online degree providers to offer you a broader view of different people's e-learning experience. Some of them are still studying for their online degrees, while others have finished their studies and express their gratefulness or memories of their online degree program. As you will realize, many of them made friends for life during their online degree study programs.

About Online Degree Square   Indiana Wesleyan University

About Online Degree Square   University of Miami

About Online Degree Square   Keiser College

About Online Degree Square   Teikyo Post University (TPU)

About Online Degree Square   Florida Metropolitan University Online (FMU Online)

About Online Degree Square   Central Piedmont Community College

About Online Degree Square   Western Governors University

About Online Degree Square   Saint Paul College

About Online Degree Square   University of Illinois

About Online Degree Square   Concordia University-Saint Paul

About Online Degree Square   Atlantic International University (AIU) Online

About Online Degree Square   Mercy College Virtual Campus

About Online Degree Square   California State University

About Online Degree Square   Bellevue University Online

About Online Degree Square   Colorado Technical University Online

About Online Degree Square   Rushmore University Online

About Online Degree Square   University of Maryland Online

About Online Degree Square   University of Texas Online

About Online Degree Square   University of Southern Queensland

About Online Degree Square   Laurentian University

About Online Degree Square   University of Wisconsin-Platterville

About Online Degree Square   Touro University International

About Online Degree Square   Stanford University

About Online Degree Square   Colorado State University

About Online Degree Square   Phoenix University Online

The Master of Education program at IWU helped me become a true agent of change in my school. I have been prompted to analyze a current problem in my own school and to participate in the search for a solution. Due to the direct result of my M.Ed. studies, I am more confident and I know that I can make positive contributions within my school community. As a full time teacher and the busy mom of two very active teens, the online program allows me to pursue a degree in a way that no other program has. Although challenging, I am finding this approach much better suited to my needs.

     Tamah DePriest
     Scottsburg, Indiana
     Indiana Wesleyan University
     Online M.Ed. Program
About Online Degree Se   Top page

"Without the opportunity to complete my high school courses on-line through The University of Miami Online, I would never have been able to have all the necessary practice sessions, nor participate in many of the tournaments, as my school schedule would have been too rigid. The on-line teachers are very helpful, and I am in constant communication with them, no matter where I am physically located in the world. Adjusting my learning skills to studying on-line, has taken a lot of discipline and self-motivation, which in turn has helped me mature, and has assisted me in coping with the high level of stress and pressure that I am faced with in my tennis career."

     Wayne Odesnik,
     University of Miami online student
About Online Degree Se   Top page

"After the birth of my last baby, I found myself happy but lost as to what life had in store for me. I had decided not to go back to work, but I knew that I just didn't want to stay home and do nothing. Then Keiser College came to my rescue, in the form of a flyer. When I saw that they were offering classes online, something just clicked. This was the answer I was looking for. I could get a degree while still caring for my four children at home. I contacted the college immediately, and they made the entire process painless, from the entrance test to financial aid, they helped me every step of the way. Here I was starting my first class, confused and exited at the same time, I didn't know what to expect, I had never taking anything online, but I loved computers and high tech. Now, looking back at it all, it was the best step I ever made in my life. I only have two more months to go to graduate and I just feel on top of the world. Keiser College not only has incredible instructors, but the virtual class environment is as challenging and as rewarding as the on-campus classes. There is the freedom to do as you please and still have a life. I have enjoyed my online classes, I have had all the support from the eCampus staff, and they have been there all the way to encourage me, when the going got tough. As soon as I get my AA degree in eCommerce, I plan to continue my bachelor's degree online as well. With Keiser College many doors have opened for me, including the landing of a great job! What can I say, I love online campus and there is no other way to go!."

     Maria Ream,
     Coral Springs, Florida.
     Keiser College's eCommerce Online Degree Program
About Online Degree Se   Top page

"I feel that online courses are the best thing that Teikyo Post ever did. They allow me to work on my education by arranging my schooling around my life, as opposed to the other way around. My schedule is very busy, and my availability is not the same week to week. Taking classes online allows me the flexibility to fit my education into the time slots that I have available."

     A Teikyo Post University (TPU) online degree student
About Online Degree Se   Top page

"FMU Online led me to a point in life I thought I would never reach."

     Lacey Carpenter
     Associate's Degree in Business Administration
     Florida Metropolitan University Online (FMU Online)
About Online Degree Se   Top page

"I am single mother with a full time job. Although, I desired to return to school and further my education, I didn't want to take time away from my daughter. After reading about the "College Without Walls" Virtual Campus on the CPCC website, I decided to enroll. My experience was great! I was able to study at my own pace, communicating with my professor was never a task and I had access to all of the CPCC resources as if I were attending a class on campus. Most importantly, I didn't have to take anytime away from my daughter. I earned a B in the class and I am registered for 2 online classes this coming semester."

     Kareena Sweat,
     Online degree student at
     Central Piedmont Community College
About Online Degree Se   Top page

"WGU's online degree program is allowing me to expand my career choices and earn a higher income in my chosen field of education. As a father of a young and growing family of three sons, these things are important and add security for my family."

     Brian Toomer,
     Online Student at Western Governors University
About Online Degree Se   Top page

"I came to Saint Paul College online through the post-secondary options program, which was available to me during my senior year in high school. I chose to pursue the human resources program and am truly grateful I did because it opened the door to a vast number of career opportunities and challenges that were very exciting and interesting to me. These opportunities would not have been available without the dedication of the program advisor and HR instructors; their dedication to the HR field, to the students, and to the student's success. The instructors at Saint Paul College have true "real-world" and "hands-on" experience that make the transfer of knowledge so much easier and clear, as well as motivating. All of the theories and concepts that are important to know and understand were translated into real world examples that I could bring back to the workplace and feel confident in what I was doing. The greatest benefit of the HR programs is that I was able to work in a field I have a passion for and still have the opportunity to choose the industry I wanted to work in. In my 4Ѕ years since graduation I have been exposed to the healthcare field, the manufacturing industry, and the high tech industry; in each of these industries I was utilizing the skills I gained from the HR programs provided by Saint Paul College. It was not only a benefit for me professionally, but personally as well. Having obtained my AAS degree allowed me to start working and achieving my personal career goals, while earning a great wage, and while continuing my education to obtain my bachelors degree online. I would highly recommend this program to anyone who has a desire to succeed in a professional environment. The Human Resources field offers the opportunity to work as a generalist or a specialist; with technical, detail oriented projects or with abstract employee relations issues; the classes are hands-on; the instructors have "real world" experience, and are dedicated to your success!"

     Kelly Parsons,
     Human Resources Graduate at
     Saint Paul College, Minnesota
About Online Degree Se   Top page

"During our first course in the program I became good friends with two of my team members. We have remained friends throughout the program, and have even taken the opportunity to meet each other. Even though this was a distance program, I felt very close to the majority of the instructors and students. We took the time to get to know our classmates and their "whereabouts" in the world. If someone was going on a vacation, the whole class was excited for them." "The opportunity to apply principles and course content to a real-life situation in the workplace, for example. I can say that I received a very valuable education. I feel much more prepared to switch careers after completing this program. The variety of coursework gave me a taste of each area, and the extensiveness of the projects really helped me to grasp some important concepts that an exam probably would not have accomplished."

     Kara Stucki,
     University of Illinois online graduate
About Online Degree Se   Top page

"CSAL's cohort model serves as a catalyst to form strong bonds among its students, which fosters a highly supportive learning environment. The diverse backgrounds of my cohort members were just as big of a benefit as the excellent quality of the program's content. Best of all, the program is designed for the challenging scheduling demands of busy adults like me, who are trying to juggle a job, family and education."

     Paul Mayer,
     Data Protection Specialist, online graduate from
     Concordia University-Saint Paul
About Online Degree Se   Top page

"I selected AIU for a very important reason; their philosophy of how adults learn. It was critically important to me that I associate with an educational philosophy that respects the selfdirected approach to learning. As a mid-life adult male, 32 years in the workforce, successful and accomplished in my career, I did not need to waste valuable time with a teacher-directed process that for the most part is largely irrelevant in meeting the needs of adult learning. I was interested in constructing new knowledge relevant to my career and yet broad enough to expand my skills to meet new competitive challenges in business."

     Steven K. Haught,
     Philadelphia, Pennsylvania,
     MBA in Marketing/Operations Management at
     Atlantic International University Online
About Online Degree Se   Top page

"My name is Kati Little and I'm an international student from Finland. I am currently finishing my thesis in Mercy College MBA graduate program. I started as a freshman in the fall of 1998 and took my first distance learning class a year later as a sophmore. Knowing very little about the characteristics of online learning, I ended up dropping my first two classes due to lack of discipline. As I re-registered for these classes I had learned much about the opportunities and challengesonline learning can offer. I realized that online learning is not a bit less time consuming than the traditional classes, but it allowed me to take classes around my busy schedule. If anyone is interested in taking online classes, I will highly recommend it. This type of learning creates unlimited opportunities, especially for international students. I am no longer taking online classes, but I'm highly involved with the online learning community at Mercy College. For years now, I have been working as a wizard (teacher's assistant) in these courses and wish to continue doing so. Due to the experience I have acquired as a student going from dropping the first classes to working witht the teachers and students online learning, my goal is also to teach a course after completing the required MBA degree. I want to be able to promote online learning and help students to achieve the goals they have set for themselves. As an international student, I realize that the language barrier can sometimes be great but nevertheless, in my opinion, the reward in online learning are far superior to the challenges."

     Kati Little,
     Online degree student from Finland at
     Mercy College Virtual Campus
About Online Degree Se   Top page

"I enjoy the convenience of the program. I can work on my assignments anytime. The professors and administrators are very knowledgeable and willing to answer any questions. I feel that the cohort team brings together different levels of experience, which increases the learning potential."

     Julia Hampton-Jones,
     California State University Online student
About Online Degree Se   Top page

"While I waited to receive [University X's] packet of information in the mail, I held e-mail conversations with three separate individuals at Bellevue and received an automated response when Bellevue received my application fee. I received [University X's] hard copy of information in my home mail the same day I received e-mail notification from Bellevue, notifying me I had been accepted into their BA program! A [University X] education would require me to be on campus for two different three-day visits to Ohio. Bellevue's curriculum is completely on-line, and I must say, they do an AWESOME job of "courting" potential students over the Internet. Great communication: they provided information before I had time to think of the questions to ask!"

     Kelly S.,
     Bellevue University Online student
About Online Degree Se   Top page

"Online isn't your typical classroom experience. Because you create study groups, exchange e-mail and call each other on the phone, you get to know other students and because we're all seeing each other's work online, we get the benefit of debating each other's ideas. I earned a promotion last spring, and I directly attribute it to my classes at CTU Online. Before my ethics and organizational classes, I'd had a lot of thoughts about management and how to deal with people, but the classes helped me to formulate and convey those ideas to others."

     Lee Macklin,
     Graduate at Colorado Technical University Online
About Online Degree Se   Top page

"After the MBA I started the PhD, which eventually led to the highly valuable authorship of a book and to the contract of writing a second one. My excellent experience at Rushmore has shown me that Rushmore is not a conventional University but that it is much more and I would like to emphasize two aspects. Firstly, one-to-one professor-student interaction elevates studying at Rushmore to a synthesis of learning and coaching. Secondly, the flexible internet-based structure of Rushmore is the ideal choice for attending a University for busy and globally operative professional."

     Heinrich Weber Ph. D., Geneva, Switzerland,
     Graduate from Rushmore University Online
About Online Degree Se   Top page

I'm very involved with the student organizations and various things at the school of nursing. I'm very involved in community service activities and all of these things accumulate a lot of my time. However, with the convenience of online courses, I'm able to sign on and check my grades, post lectures, speak with other students, and basically attend lectures online at anytime of the day. That's extremely convenient for someone who has to attend two or three days of clinical per week, in addition to class time for other courses. In short, I'd basically would like to say that by utilizing an online experience at the University of Maryland School of Nursing, you have the ability to learn with professors, who have the ability to work with you with your strengths and weaknesses as far as computers are concerned. You will learn more about how to interact with other people in a teamwork and groupwork-oriented environment. You will learn impeccable organizational skills that will allow you to work as a better clinician in the workforce upon graduation and you will be able to interact with the newest coming distance learning form of communication. I hope you will enjoy your stay at the University of Maryland and I hope that you graduate and become a clinician who that prepared competently to take care of your patients due to the education that you've learned at this school.

     Anonymous nursing graduate at
     University of Maryland Online
About Online Degree Se   Top page

"I returned to school after many years in the work force. I was taking both classroom courses and Distance Education courses. It was so helpful that I had the flexibility to schedule my own assignments and tests for the Distance Education courses so that they did not interfere with due dates and test dates in the classroom courses. It took a lot of self-motivation to stick to the schedule that I had set up, but I finished both the Distance Education nutrition course and the statistics course. These courses were pre-requisites for the Master's program that I am now undertaking."

     online graduate from the
     University of Texas Online
About Online Degree Se   Top page

"I like the fact that my studies are completely portable. After researching various programs I found USQ to be the best suited to my needs for a number of reasons. The first thing I did was to check out the school with my Canadian Teacher's Association to see if the program would be recognised and it was, unlike a number of American programs I enquired about. The next thing I looked at was how the courses were set up. I found that a number of the online courses weren't flexible as they made themselves. Almost all the North American courses had residency requirement (usually during the summer) and most made use of either teleconferencing or online conferencing of some sort. If you are living ten time zones away your really can't take part in online conference sessions; it is too troublesome to work out in terms of scheduling. Perhaps USQ's most attractive feature was the fact that I could complete a year and walk away with a Graduate Certificate or apply to carry on with those courses to a master's degree program. A laptop, a roaming internet account and a telephone line have let me work on courses. . I think I have found the perfect way to study with USQ. I can work full time, study for a career change, obtain an internationally recognised credential, live and work in a different country every year, travel on every break and suffer no financial hardship."

     Curtis Beaverford,
     Master of Education Technology, graduate at
     University of Southern Queensland
About Online Degree Se   Top page

"Long before achieving my CGA designation in 2002, I wanted to further my education by earning a university degree. Discovering the Laurentian H.B.Com program is helping me to achieve these educational goals. The flexibility of the program's on-line learning features and its emphasis on active participation provides the best of worlds: classroom and distance learning, delivered to my home, at my convenience. This accommodates my many career, family and leisure activities nicely. Initially, I was apprehensive about learning in an on-line group environment where participation is an integral program component. I quickly realized the benefits to engaging in group discussions. I have since broadened my learning comprehension and increased my self-efficacy towards this course. This atmosphere even fosters group support and has enabled many of us to form friendships. I am confident that the organizational behaviour (OB) theories I am presently learning will be extremely relevant throughout my professional career. Our group recently completed a project on team effectiveness in which the power of team dynamics were valuable lessons learned. Upon reflection of these and other course experiences, I am certain our belief in OB principles will be reinforced. I am definitely looking forward to taking another course later this year!"

     Juanita Hart,
     Online student at Laurentian University
About Online Degree Se   Top page

"I am currently employed as a patrol officer with the City of Green Bay, WI. I have been working as a police officer over ten years now. During my tenure as a police officer, I have worked in various positions including patrol, evidence, K-9, police school liaison, and committed my time voluntarily by teaching bike safety courses and coordinating Explorer programs. The MS criminal justice program has been a true blessing to me and assisted me with a better understanding of the fundamental basis and objectives of criminal justice systems. I anticipate that earning this degree will also be advantageous with my future endeavors, in promotions and teaching part-time in a criminal justice degree program."

     Tod Kulow,
     Criminal Justice Online Graduate at
     University of Wisconsin-Platterville
About Online Degree Se   Top page

"I am close to completing my MSHS in Public Health as well as Emergency and Disaster Management and have been favorably impressed with the professionalism, expertise, and friendliness of the faculty that have guided me through my educational experiences. I am a private practitioner Oral and Maxillofacial surgeon and an Army Reservist Colonel at Walter Reed Army Medical Center. With the ease of pursuing an executive style distance education Master's degree, I wanted to complement my clinical and military background for possible future pursuits. I can truly say it has been stimulating and fun! I was recently mobilized, but I was still able to complete an entire term for both of my concentrations while on active duty. My course work provided an educational diversion for me and gave me a sense of balance during a very busy time. I cannot thank the TUI faculty and staff enough for the opportunities afforded me during the past 18 months. I have not only found a resource for the future, but have found great friendships."

     Peter Tan,
     Master of Science in Health Sciences at
     Touro University International
About Online Degree Se   Top page

"My undergraduate degree was also in electrical engineering. You tend to become too narrow in your focus in my profession. I wanted to keep learning from a variety of fields. Through SCPD's Stanford Instructional Television Network (SITN) I've had the chance to fill in certain knowledge gaps with structured coursework. Taking online courses in fabrication, advanced processing and modeling-fields related to mine-opens my thinking, even when the theories aren't directly applied to the job. The curriculum, the coursework, the lectures are the same for all of us. And the online courses I've taken in electrical engineering and computer sciences have been primarily lecture types of classes, so that not being able to interact live with the classroom hasn't been an issue. Of course the convenience of viewing lectures according to my schedule has been great. I always prefer taking courses with at least one other coworker. And if that's not possible I try to hook up with at least one other student in a similar position. I think the interaction makes the difference in learning, in keeping motivated. Even when I view a lecture, I prefer to do it with someone else, to talk about problems presented in the class, collaborate on projects. I'm sure there are plenty of people who enjoy learning on their own, but I really learn much more with other people. Taking courses keeps our brains sharp in fields where change is constant. As working students, we already have a practical data point of reference, so we can see and discuss the practical application of theories at our jobs. Naturally this helps us in our work, in what we bring to the table for problem-solving. When I started working for Analog about a year ago, I just assumed it was a member company because most companies in the area were. I began promoting SCPD right away: the certificate programs, the variety of classes, and the convenience. And there's the continuity of being able to have access to Stanford courses at any time. It's a win/win situation for employees and the company. There's just no substitute for what Stanford's offering."

     Eric Braun,
     online student at
     Stanford University
About Online Degree Se   Top page

"The online master's program seemed daunting at first, but the individual attention from the faculty and staff at Colorado State really made this an enjoyable alternative to returning to campus. As a professional educator for the last 17 years, I understand how valuable good instruction is for students and I found it here online… a rigorous and challenging program that enables me to delve into courses of personal interest and professional growth. My initial plan was to take sabbatical leave to dedicate myself to this coursework, but because of the flexibility in the program I have been able to continue working and progress through the program comfortably. Thanks for the opportunity to pursue my personal goal of being a life long learner and helping me follow my passions."

     Jim Dawson,
     Colorado State University online student
About Online Degree Se   Top page

"The coursework was all very relevant to my business, and to the entire business world. The things I was learning in areas like budgeting, employment law, and labor relations, I was applying at work every day. I got more out of this online program than I ever got from a campus when I was younger. I completed my degree in just 2 years, and I was able to take a few breaks. The University of Phoenix education has created opportunities for advancement within my company. University of Phoenix Online was the most rewarding experience I have ever had. I'm now starting my master's degree program at University of Phoenix Online. My advice to other professionals thinking about the University of Phoenix Online program; in business today if you don't take the leap, you will be left behind."

     Melinda Taggart,
     Bachelor of Science in Business/Management,
     Phoenix University Online
About Online Degree Se   Top page

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