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Online degree instructor testimonials

These are some true testimonials from instructors teaching online degree programs..

   Southern New Hampshire University

   E-Web University

I have been an instructor in the Southern New Hampshire University Distance Education Program for over a year. In that time, I have been able to clearly see and to use the benefits created by this mode of delivering educational services. My experiences to this point have been uniformly positive. I recognize that other delivery modes have particular strengths for particular situations, and the development of DE adds an effective alternative.

By talking with a number of participants about this delivery system, I came to these conclusions. Many people who are reluctant to participate by speaking in a classroom situation seem to (completely) lose that inhibition online. I found that some participants prefer to work in familiar surroundings and seem to be more at ease and willing to express their views in that condition. Most of the people believed that distance education was able to deliver what they wanted and needed in a manner at least equal in quality and effectiveness to other types of instruction. Students have almost immediate access to a huge knowledge base online, and at no cost or for an insignificant price. The information often is up to the moment. Many found it easy to collaborate with others online through several programs designed for that purpose and offered without charge by NHC DE. If the instructor supplies class notes, it relieves the student of this task and frees her to do more learning and less recording. The student then has a permanent record of course work outside the textbook, and may keep the contributions of others for his own use.

Distance education allows the participant yet another alternative in the process- she may mix classroom and home-based work to adapt to changing attitudes and circumstances. This makes it possible to work toward her goal uninterrupted. Before distance education, if classroom -based work stopped, all progress toward the individual's goal also stopped. Instructors are able to offer each student the world- literally. Sometimes, it's possible to refer a student to a website or group of websites that not only will give information and immediacy, but also the flavor, attitude and variety available through this medium. Since the instructor's presentations to the student must be organized and the feedback rapid to function well in this world, Southern New Hampshire University DE avoids unfocused courses and correspondence school slowness. I am able to communicate to the whole group when indicated, at other times privately to a class member. Group communications are nearly instantaneous and private matters can stay private in distance education.

Finally, when I began to teach by this method, I questioned the ability of the system to deliver a student's personality as well as his replies. After initial contact, I found that writing styles transport personality, and provide me with another level of student involvement. Distance education can deliver the world to your computer screen, and do so at your convenience. Classes are asynchronous, meaning that you are not required to be anywhere at a particular time- your contributions are made when the time is best for you. Put this together with a staff that is always capable, helpful and concerned and the picture is complete! Try us and see the difference distance education can make in achieving your goals.

     Richard Healey,
     Southern New Hampshire University online professor

   Top page

I wanted to commend the team at eWebUniversity and thank them for the work that has gone into creating eWebClassroom. I must say, compared to the other so-called distance learning solutions that I've worked with, this model is by far the most effective. Of course, my students like the convenience and ease-of-use that is indicative of online learning in general, but frankly, it is the user-friendliness and the eWebClassroom's unique format that makes my students most comfortable. What's more, as an instructor, I make tremendous use of the added features, such as "file attachments" and the threaded discussion format. Indeed, those students that are vigilant with their questions and answers in the discussion groups gain a great deal in terms of learning the subject matter. Bravo!

     Bob Silverthorne,
     E-Web University

   Top page

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